One Avatar for Everything

Let us take care of your user’s avatars: generate and modify profile pictures on our side. Just get the links on yours!

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Face Recognition

Each avatar with 99% accuracy! With AI machine learning technology it’s possible!

Private & Personalised

Avatars are more private than just a photo. Add to this avatar's personalization and get a fantastic bundle!


Create, upload, and manage your globally recognized avatar from a single place.

How Does it Work?

500+ variations of emotions and accessories to make character one of a kind

User Takes a Selfie

Once photo is uploaded, character will be automatically generated using face recognition. Or new character can be created from scratch.

Customizable characters

Users can edit generated characters and change appearence, emotion, and more, using powerfull editor.

Use a Link!

Character can be used on many websites at once. Changes will apply everywhere. Avatars are stored on our side.

AI Cartoon Avatar Builder

Easy to use API

With this API you will be able to create personalized avatars and 2000+ stickers for your users with various styles.

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