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Mirror AI provides the opportunity to seamlessly implement custom visual styles for their characters, allowing them to tailor the appearance to suit their specific brand aesthetics and creative requirements.

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How Does it Work?

500+ variations of emotions and accessories to make character one of a kind

Client's Selfie

1. User Takes a Selfie

You send us photographs of your client's or employee's face


2. Avatars or Stickers

We send you a digital picture with a face or sticker


3. API

All this works through the API. You can embed our API anywhere you want. The integration of our API is fast and free.

AI Cartoon Avatar Builder

Take Just One Selfie

Our advanced facial recognition technology analyzes your selfie and creates a customized emoji that captures your unique facial features. Express yourself like never before with just one selfie and let your personalized emoji do the talking.

About AI Facial Recognition

Custom Style

When it comes to custom styles, you have two options: Mirror AI can create the style for you, or you can create a new style yourself. For pricing please contact us

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Preparing the assets

When it comes to style, there is a wide range of variations that can be considered. Our main requirement is to have components split up, allowing us to create avatars using facial blocks such as hair, noses, and other features. Typically, we require approximately 15 variations of each component. It's important to note that the more components available, the more accurate the avatars will be in their representation.

Next Step

Once we receive the assets (components), we integrate them into our ML and Rendering systems, which usually takes around 1-2 weeks to complete. An essential part of the process involves testing on "average" faces, using our provided datasets, to ensure optimal results. If any mistakes are detected, we can adjust the detection matching for specific components accordingly.

Detailed Requirements

We have a detailed document available for your designer team, outlining the components to be drawn. It's worth mentioning that this document can be adjusted based on our latest updates and your specific style preferences.

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